Welcome to the European CMP & WET Users Group

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) and WET Processing are widely used in semiconductor device and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing. There is not any modern IC or MEMS that has not seen a good number of CMP steps and WET treatments within its fabrication process. Although looking quite simple on a first view, both technologies are rather complex. Solid physical-technical knowledge combined with experimental spirit are cornerstones for any process development in these fields.

The European CMP and WET Users Group has been established as an open platform for all people who deal with these technologies in their daily business. Whether you are a process expert in device manufacturing, or you are involved in tools and consumables, or you are on the academia side - this group is supposed to be your technical homeland. It is a unique place to enhance your knowledge and to create your network.

The main activity of this group is the European CMP and WET Users meeting. This meeting is held as an in-person meeting twice a year. It travels around Europe to places which have a relation to semiconductor and MEMS. Meeting admission requires just a small fee, because of the great support from a good number of sponsors and exhibitors.

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If you have any question you can write to mail@cmpwetug.eu